VALENTIN VIGNET cinematographer and photographer

Valentin was born and raised in Paris, amongst a family of filmmakers and theater people. After spending some time studying various subjects such as Chinese and History of Art, Valentin decided to pursue a cinematography career, thus attending 2 years at the International Film School of Paris within the cinematography section.

Valentin also lived in China for a year, where he worked as a hired photographer.

In 2008, after numerous internships and jobs as an camera assistant for major cinematographer, Valentin decided to attend the cinematography program at the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI) in order to perfect his art and craft.

He graduated in 2011 and start to work in the industry as a freelance DP in Los Angeles and other places.

Valentin is now living in Paris since 2013, shooting narrative, commercial and music videos worldwide. He is now represented by Cosmic Agency.

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